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Visiting Santa

As a child, one of the most exciting times of the holiday season is going to meet Santa! You rack your brain to decide on exactly what your gonna ask him for and… Continue reading

New Christmas Tradition : Christmas Eve Box

Hi Dolls! This year, I have decided to start a new Christmas tradition in our house hold for Amare: A Christmas Eve Box    I remember as kids, we were allowed to open… Continue reading

Holiday Photo Shoot

I love Holiday photo shoots ! =) My Mum’s friend, Sandra, owns her own Photography company called Bounce Photography, and last year she got pictures done of Amare and my younger brother, Ryan.  … Continue reading

Oh Toodles!! Amare turns 2! 

Hi Luvs!! This past Saturday we celebrated Amare’s 2nd birthday, with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his favourite show; he’s absolutely obsessed! I can’t believe my little Prince… Continue reading

Lean In : Women Empowering Women

Hey dolls! I am not sure if you have seen the commercials for, or heard of the campaign #LEANINTOGETHER. It stems from the book, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. If you wanna check… Continue reading

My Childhood Nostalgia: Barbie & Mickey Mouse

Hey dolls!    I have started researching and planning Amare’s second birthday (it’s in October, but I wanna be extra prepared lol) We are doing a “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” theme. That is the… Continue reading

Mothers Day Weekend!

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing, loving, supportive, hard working women out there that have the honour to be called “Mom”. The greatest title I have ever been given is “Mom”. My… Continue reading

Working Mom 

Hey lovelys!! If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen that I started a new job yesterday!! *yay* In January, Amare started daycare and I have been applying for jobs… Continue reading

Cooking With Ms Moore : Mom-Approved Broccoli Mac&Cheese 

Hey luvs!    We can probably all agree that Mac&Cheese is a staple favourite among kids, but the boxed kind is full of added “not so healthy” stuff.     Today I made homemade… Continue reading

Becoming a Mother

I started writing this post around Mother’s Day, and never finished it .. Then I just saw it lingering in my drafts section! So here is the finished thought … I was always… Continue reading