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Ready to Sweat?!

Hi Lovelies,    I can admit, I have fallen off the fitness wagon a little bit recently… not gonna sit here and run through my list of excuses, but instead take ownership, admit… Continue reading

Starting a YouTube Channel? .. !!!

Hi Dolls! Like a million other females out there, I have watched countless YouTube videos on makeup tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, etc. I have always secretly wanted to start a YouTube channel, to… Continue reading

My Fitness Journey

Hey Dolls! If you have been following my blog, and my Instagram accounts (@ms.fashionandmoore & @ms.fitnessandmoore) then you know I have developed quite a love for fitness and been on my own fitness… Continue reading

Lean In : Women Empowering Women

Hey dolls! I am not sure if you have seen the commercials for, or heard of the campaign #LEANINTOGETHER. It stems from the book, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. If you wanna check… Continue reading

Libra Life : All About Balance 

Hey dolls! I am not sure if you guys follow your horoscopes and stuff like that, but I find it interesting how accurate the characteristics of my sign are. I don’t check my… Continue reading

Follow me on Instagram 

Hey dolls!    I have decided to start another Instagram page dedicated to my new fitness journey for an overall healthy lifestyle. My main account is @ms.fashionandmoore ; my health and fitness account… Continue reading

New Workout Wear

Hey luvs! Since I have been working out much more lately, the other day I went shopping for some new workout gear. I really believe that if you wear clothes that are fun,… Continue reading

Feeling Good with FitBit

Hey babes! In my previous post, FitBit 1 Month Update, I set some goals for myself for this past week. My first goal was to reach a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

FitBit 1 Month Update

Hi Dolls! Today marks the end of my first month using my FitBit. This little accessory has done so much for me in helping me to achieve fitness goals, track and motivate me… Continue reading

My Commitment to Staying Fit!

Hey Luvs! I recently posted about how obsessed I am with my FitBit; I have had it for almost a month now and I still absolutely love it! The past two weeks I… Continue reading