Post on Best Makeup Brushes

Hi Dolls! Jessica at reached out to me regarding their new post, “The Best Makeup Brushes.” I took a look at it and definitely though it was worth sharing with all of you!! They did some intense research to really find the top makeup brushes. *I received no compensation for sharing this, but thought fellow Beauty lovers would find it useful.* Check out their post here. Comment below and let me know what you thought. =) Thanks for Following .Xo   Continue reading Post on Best Makeup Brushes

Starting a YouTube Channel? .. !!!

Hi Dolls! Like a million other females out there, I have watched countless YouTube videos on makeup tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, etc. I have always secretly wanted to start a YouTube channel, to co-exist with my blog.. but there was always one main thing stopping me. ….. I hate the sound of my voice on camera!! I’m not sure if this is something everyone hates, but it is the underlying fear I have, stopping me from ever starting a YouTube channel. Over the past few years, I have worked a lot on being more positive, living life to the fullest, … Continue reading Starting a YouTube Channel? .. !!!