Charmed Aroma Candle Review

Hi Dolls!

If you read my Christmas Wish List post, then you know I have been wanting to try out the Charmed Aroma candles, for a little while now.

I love candles and these have an added bonus of finding a ring, necklace or earrings inside.. valued at up to $5,000! Recently, I decided to gift myself πŸ˜‰ and I ordered one of their candles.


The candle I ordered is the scent “Sprinkle Donut”. This candle actually smells soooo yummy! When Bae walked in the house, he thought I was baking! lol The scent is sweet, but not overpowering and it burns for hours, without fading! The packaging is clean and classic, with a gold lid.




This candle contains a Sterling Silver ring inside.Β The jewelry is wrapped in a protective bag then enclosed in silver foil.


I was so excited when I spotted the silver foil. The ring I got was a super cute, delicate bow style ring with a type of “pearl like” stone in the middle. I ordered a size 5, but realized that sizing was based on the ring I currently wear on my ring finger, from Bae.. so this one can only be worn on my other ring finger or pinky. Next time, I would order a size 6 so I could wear it on my index or maybe middle finger.




Now, the value of each piece ranges from $10-$5,000 and each item comes with a code you can input on their website to appraise. I checked their site for the appraisal value of my ring and it was valued at $90. Not bad for spending $30 on the candle, shipping and getting the ring as a bonus! =)


Overall, I love the idea behind these candles and bath bombs. They are a really nice gift idea and I will definitely be purchasing again soon!

Have any of you purchased from Charmed Aroma? Comment below and let me know!

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*None of these links are affiliate links. This post is solely my own opinions and I purchased this product myself.*


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