Preparing for Kindergarten


The time has come where I have to accept Amare is starting Kindergarten this year!! Last week his daycare teachers asked me if he would still be going there in September and what school he would be registering in. That was the first time it really hit me.

Now, I just got off the phone with his new school’s office, confirming his info to pick up his registration package tomorrow! It has really hit me again!

I know the next moments it will really hit me will probably be, buying his backpack and lunch bag… picking up supplies and picking out his first day outfit… and of course the first day of school! I have already accepted I am going to be a mess that morning!

I have begun researching online what skills and activities to  focus on and do at home, to get him prepared for school since I know in a blink of an eye it will be here.

Do any of you other Mommies have any tips or advice for preparing myself and Amare for Kindergarten? Comment below, I would love to hear them!


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