Winners Fab Finds!


Hello Luvs!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Winners! I will admit it can sometimes be hit or miss, depending on the location.. and you have to have some time to spare when you go, but its always worth it! One of my Christmas gifts was a Winners Gift Card so keep scrolling to check out the #WinnersFabFinds I picked up!


I am one of those old school people when it comes to making notes/lists and writing things down. Of course, I use my Iphone for basically everything and use the app called Wunderlist to make lists for EVERYTHING (no seriously … everything! lol) but I still also like writing lists down. I feel like I remember things or am able to organize my thoughts better when I actually write them out. It can also be very therapeutic to write out resolutions, goals and ideas.

I got this cute notebook that’s cover reads “A Notebook to Make Me Feel Like I Have My Life Together (ha ha ha)” and this 2018 weekly planner both for under $20. Being a Libra who loves balance, I thought the cover of the planner reading “Find Your Balance” was fitting. I also like how each month has a cute or inspirational saying to start the month and cute stickers to use for reminders.

I have also been looking for a good thermos style travel mug, for water or coffee. I loved the saying “Tired As A Mother” on this one! I have used it a few times and it works sooo well. I put coffee in it in the morning on the weekend and then opened it about 3 hours later and it was still hot! Not bad for under $10.


My desk at work

Another item I had on my Christmas Wish ListΒ was Bluetooth headphones. I picked these up for $30! The ear bud ones I was currently using at the gym were starting to cut out like the wiring was ruined, and they would fall out of my ear doing certain workouts. These ones fit so snug on my head and don’t slip. Also, they are loud!! Perfect for when I need to get into the zone for my workouts. =)


The best find of them all are these Puma Fenty Furry Slides. I was shocked when I saw these in Winners and didn’t think twice about grabbing them. These retail usually for $100 and I got them at Winners for $39.99!!




They also matched perfectly with a bikini I picked up recently ! =)


Overall a very successful shopping trip at Winners for me =)


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