Hello 2018!

Hello Lovelies!!


So lets start this post with some honesty….. my first year of Blogmas was a fail! I got 12 days in and then couldn’t keep up again till Day 23, 24, 25!! That’s okay though, I am going to shake it off and learn to be more prepared for Blogmas next year! 🙂

I am really looking forward to 2018 and a fresh start. I hit some rough patches in 2017 and want to work harder to grow and accomplish my goals.

I have a few resolutions for myself that I am going to focus on this year.. they are:

  1. Be more Consistent
  2. Take more time for Me
  3. Budget/Save Better
  4. Spend more time with Family
  5. Remember how blessed I am and be thankful for all I have, everyday… not just on the good days!

Comment below and share your New Year Resolutions/Goals too!

Thanks for Following & Cheers to 2018! May it be a good one! .Xo