BLOGMAS DAY 7 : Christmas Tradition – Christmas Eve Box

Hi Dolls!

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know last year I started a new Christmas tradition in our household… The Christmas Eve Box. You can read that post here, to see what was in Amare’s box last year!

Keep scrolling to see what I have put in Amare’s Christmas Eve box this year!

Of course you have to have festive Christmas PJs for Christmas Eve! This year I put one pair in his Christmas Eve Box and another pair in his stocking, to wear Christmas night too.


These ones will go in his stocking, to wear Christmas night.

Each year I put a new ornament Amare can add to our Christmas tree. We are a Football Family and our favourite NFL team is the Philadelphia Eagles, so this year I got Amare this Eagles ornament, from NFL Shop, to hang on the tree. He is getting to that age where he really enjoys sports and him and his dad have their own special Eagles Touchdown celebration! (it’s super cute!!!)
eagles ornament.jpg

I also put in a movie to watch together Christmas Eve, as part of our Christmas Movie Marathon (you can see what other Christmas movies we watch here). Amare still loves Mickey Mouse, so this year he got “Mickey Saves Santa“. I found this DVD on Amazon.


I also found the book version on Amazon too. This will be the Christmas book we read before bedtime this year. (Along with his Day 25 Christmas Story in his Countdown to Christmas Book).

What Christmas Eve traditions do you have? Keep an eye out for my Christmas Eve Post on Blogmas Day 24 ❀

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