BLOGMAS DAY 6 : What Amare is getting Gifted with, this year!


I really enjoy finding great little gifts for Amare and now that he’s three he is really starting to understand the whole idea of Christmas and “Santa”. I have put together this post of gifts we have gotten to surprise Amare this year and maybe it will give you some ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts for your little Elves!

  1. Comfy Robe:
    Cute & Cuddly to snuggle up and watch movies with your little one.
    paw patrol robe
  2. Slippers:
    To match that comfy robe.
  3. Bubble Bath:
    What kid doesn’t love a bubble bath?! This is a perfect stocking stuffer.
  4. Bath Toys:
    Fun toys for when they have their bubble bath!
    bath toys.jpg
  5. Paint Sets:
    Amare loves colouring and as of recently, painting! These activities will let their creativity show.
  6. Socks & Boxers:
    Of course, the ultimate “Mom Gift” to find in your stocking is socks and underwear! Well this year Amare will find them in his stocking too. lol
  7. New Shoes:
    I picked these up as a spur of the moment gift, when I found them at Winners for only $25!
  8. Lip Balms:
    In this cold weather, lip balms are essential for the little ones lips. You can get them in their favourite Character themes, to stuff their stockings.
  9. A DVD travel set:
    This is great for when you’re travelling with your little ones or when Mamma needs some “Me Time” lol I found this travel set on and Amare will love that it is all Paw Patrol themed! It comes with a travel bag and 2 sets of headphones, so he can even watch movies with his Uncle Ryan or his Cousins ❀
    dvd travel set
  10. An Eagles Jersey:
    Being that we are a huge Football Family and the last Eagles Jersey I bought for Amare was for a 12-24 month old… he is due for a new one! lol Poor kid, I have been squeezing that original one on him every Football game. This year, I got him and Bae matching Jerseys =)
    kids wentz jersey.jpg
  11. “Best Son Ever” T-Shirt:
    I actually bought these matching shirts for Amare and Bae from the Black Friday sale from The Children’s Place. I thought they were a super cute idea for them to wear on Fathers Day next year. (My plan is to do a super cute photo shoot of the 2 of them and have it framed for Fathers Day gift!)


  12. Paw Patrol Wash Mitt:
    This wash mitt will be included with the other Paw Patrol themed stocking stuffers.
    I’m sure I will find some more little things to add here and there.. so I will update this post if I do.
    Bae and I buy some presents for Amare seperately for now, so that we can surprise each other so who knows what Pappa has gotten him!

    What are you gifting to your little ones?

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