BLOGMAS DAY 3 : My Christmas Wish List!

Hi Beauties!

I am sure you’re all in the same boat as me; making lists of gifts to buy, researching the entire internet for the best deals for everything you can imagine and trying to be ahead of the game when it comes to shopping this Holiday Season! My problem is, I keep finding myself adding things into my online shopping carts, for myself too! There are so many cute things and great sales, it’s hard to resist.

I have put together this post of my Holiday Wish List; ranging in things to fill my stocking and under my Christmas tree (in no specific order of preference).

Wish List

  1. Philadelphia Eagles Jersey : We are a football household and our fav team is the Eagles, but I don’t have any of my own Eagles gear! I have bought jersey’s for Amare and Bae, but not for myself … so this year I would like my own Eagles jersey or Eagles gear. =)
  2. Bath Bombs and Candles : I have seen and heard a lot about Charmed Aromas candles and bath bombs. I would love to receive some of their products in my stocking this year. On top of being relaxing and soothing, they have an added bones… each product contains a piece of jewelry that is valued up to $5,000 ! Some of the ones I would love to try are :

– the Sun Kissed Nectarine Bath Bomb : includes a set of earrings
– the Champagne Shimmer Bath Bomb : includes a ring
– the Toasted Marshmallow Candle : includes a necklace
– the Gingerbread Cookie Candle : includes a ring

Other than this brand, I would love to get any yummy, soothing scented bath bombs and candles to help this busy Mamma wind down.
Charmed Aromas

3. Cozy Slippers : I think slippers are always a great stocking stuffer. Especially since my current slippers are totally worn out!!


Wine Not? – Saks Fifth Avenue

4. Body Lotion : I love Christmas time for getting yummy smelly body lotion gift sets =)


Frosted Berries Festive Tin Set – The Body Shop

5. Sephora Gift Card : I would never expect Bae to actually go into Sephora and figure out where to even start lol .. so a Sephora gift card is a great stocking stuffer idea.


6. Luggage : We are going on our first trip together, in January, to Dominican Republic! Since I have never travelled outside of Canada or the States, I don’t own any actual luggage, so this is a cute and practical gift!


Tracker Marble Luggage – Bentley

I found these super cute BEBE luggage sets at Winners!


7. Bluetooth Headphones : My current headphones, I use in the gym, are reaching the end of their life! lol


I found these two Bluetooth Headphones at Winners at a much cheaper price than the Beats headphones !!


8. “A”  or “Amare” Pendant Necklace : I have been wanting to get a necklace I can wear every day that either has an “A” or spelled out “Amare”. Nothing over the top, but just something nice and classy


9. Cozy Socks: A staple stocking stuffer.. socks! lol



10. Mall Gift Card : What girl doesn’t like to shop?! When all else fails a gift card to the mall or a favourite store is a great stocking stuffer too!


11. Cute, Durable Coffee Travel Mug : This busy, working mom loves a good peppermint Mocha on the go, without having to worry about spilling!

12. Portable Cellphone Charger : Now a Days between Snapchat, Instagram & Selfie-Taking, what female doesn’t need a portable cellphone charger!

There’s some ideas for now lol …. What’s on your Christmas Wish List this year?

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