Welcome to Day 2 of Blogmas!!

I’m sure everyone remembers the Countdown to Christmas tradition of their chocolate Advent Calendar! My grandparents always got our advent calendars for us and I remember the excitement each morning to pop open that little cardboard flap, to see what printed chocolate you would get…and of course opening a few days ahead, then hoping your Mum didn’t find out! lol

This year, I bought this Kinder Advent Calendar, for Amare. He loves Kinder Eggs (when we go grocery shopping and he’s a good boy, he knows he can ask for one at the check out! lol) Instead of a mini chocolate each day, they have a variety of different Kinder chocolates you get surprised with (but no toys inside lol)


Another Countdown to Christmas tradition we are starting this year is a “Christmas Story A Night”. I got this Disney Countdown to Christmas book off Amazon and I love it, because all the stories and characters are from Disney movies that I watched as a kid…and now we can share a Disney Christmas story each night before bed.


What Countdown to Christmas traditions do your family share?

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