Merry BLOGMAS <3


This year, I have decided to participate in Blogmas, for this first time. Being that I am new to Blogmas, I decided to do a bit of research and gather some inspiration for the posts to come this holiday season…

With that said, I figured why not make my Blogmas Day 1 Post just that! A post to help those other bloggers participating in this fun event for the first time, gather some inspiration! Here we go.. 30 Blogmas Post Ideas!

  1. Christmas Gift Guide for Her
  2. Christmas Gift Guide for Him
  3. Favourite Christmas Recipes
  4. Secret Santa Gift Guide
  5. Christmas Traditions
  6. Christmas Eve Traditions
  7. Stocking Stuffing Guide (for kids, for her, for him, etc.)
  8. My Christmas Wish List
  9. Christmas Activities to do with your Kids/Toddlers
  10. Make a Gingerbread House
  11. Favourite Christmas Songs
  12. Favourite Christmas Movies
  13. Christmas Cocktail Recipes
  14. Holiday Bucket List
  15. Pictures to take this Holiday Season
  16. Holiday Outfit Look Book
  17. Childhood Christmas Memories
  18. Christmas Tree Reveal / Decorations roundup
  19. “My Christmas Day” Post
  20. Christmas Eve post
  21. Ugly Christmas Sweaters Look Book
  22. Reflection of the Past Year
  23. Decorate Christmas Cookies
  24. Gift Guide for Mom/Dad
  25. Gift Guide for Siblings
  26. Gift Guide for Bestie
  27. Holiday Makeup Look
  28. “What I got for Christmas”
  29. Christmas Q&A
  30. What Christmas Means to You

I hope this helped you with your post ideas…. if you have any other ideas or if you are also participating in Blogmas this year, please comment below and let me know!! I will be sure to check out your posts too!

Thanks for Following. Xo


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