Getting Back In Touch with Myself <3

Hi Lovelies!

I am sorry for being absent on here, for so long! I’m not going to list a bunch of excuses for why I stopped writing and posting, but in all honesty I fell into a rut and lost touch with it…I don’t usually write very personal or “deep” posts, but I wanted to not only write this for my followers, but also for myself.

As a bit of a reminder to myself as to why I started this Blog in the first place… as an escape, a place to write and post whatever I felt like and to have something that was entirely mine and for me! I am not only a “wife” but also a Mother and I’m sure I’m not the only one in thoseย positions that finds you can lose touch with yourself, from time to time.

Numerous times I found myself grabbing my laptop and notebook to start writing a post, and my mind would draw blank or I was literally too exhausted to type something out that was worth reading.

Recently, my man told me to get back in touch with myself and remember to do stuff that makes me happy… stuff for “Mamma”. =) (I love him for these nice little reminders)
As a women who constantly puts myself on the back burner, I realized he was right… it’s important to do things that are just for you and make you happy.. it’s okay to be selfish (at times) and put yourself first.

I have started to get back into the gym (which is another one of my favourite escape places) and now I have started scribbling in my notebook again and of course, am now typing up this post.

I guess long story short, I just wanted to remind all you strong, busy, thoughtful, brave, hardworking women out there to remember your “Me Time” and also let you all know … I’m Back!!!

Thank you so much for all following me on my journey .Xo


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