Ready to Sweat?!

Hi Lovelies,

   I can admit, I have fallen off the fitness wagon a little bit recently… not gonna sit here and run through my list of excuses, but instead take ownership, admit it and push myself to get back on track!

   As most woman, I have that lower tummy pouch of fat that seems to never go away.. so after seeing a few girlfriends use this product, I decided I would give it a try. The waist trimmer, from Sweet Sweat.

   It is a velcro, adjustable band that helps compress and support your lower back and core and causes you to sweat more. It comes with a sample of their Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer gel, that is used to enhance your results. Now it’s not gonna give you abs.. but it definitely makes you sweat!

   You can order it from their website for $36.99, but I ordered mine from Amazon for $32.29 and since I am a Prime member, I got it next day and didn’t have to pay shipping! #AmazonPerks

   The first time I used mine, I used it without the gel.. because I wanted to see the difference between using the band with and without. I was actually so impressed with the amount of sweat that produced, from wearing it for 45 mins doing my regular weight training with no cardio.

   The second time I used it (and every time since then), I used the enhancer gel and OMG !! I know it sounds gross, but my band was dripping after!

   Overall, I have used it for about a week or so and definitely love it. I understand it’s use, so I don’t have any crazy expectations of it, but it is definitely helping me sweat some more in that trouble area.

   What type of waist bands do you use? Comment below and let me know of your flat tummy tricks!

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