My First Lip Injections !!!

Hi Dolls!

I have wanted lip injections for years !! To be honest, probably since I was 13-14 I would look in the mirror and wish my lips were fuller, especially my upper lip.

It’s probably one of those things people would look at me and roll their eyes while thinking “your lips are fine!” and it’s not like I hated my lips or smiling or anything, it was just always a minor thing, I wished I could change.

As I reached my 20’s, a few of my girlfriends had gotten their lips done, but I could never justify paying hundreds of dollars to go through with it. Fast forward a few years later and now I’m working at the company who manufactures and distributes cosmetic products such as Botox, Juvederm, etc.

 Of course this meant I could finally get my lips done, without having to pay those $$$!

A week ago I got them done. I was at the clinic for about an hour for the consultation and procedure (which took less than 10 mins). Overall, I would say the pain was a 1-2 out of 10.. just a tiny pinch when the needle goes in.

Here are my before and after pics! 🙂

This after picture was taken 1 hr after the procedure

These pictures were right before and right after the procedure

The most painful part was actually the day after! This is the worst day for swelling, although I was really lucky and didn’t have too much swelling and only the tiniest bruising. It was just painful around my mouth and was uncomfortable to open my mouth wide to eat, yawn, etc.

This picture was taken 3 days after the procedure

These pics below were taking yesterday, one week after the procedure. I no longer have to “over-line” my lips!! Which I absolutely LOVE!

What do you guys think ? 🙂  Have any of you though of, or gotten lip injections ? Comment below and share your story ❤ Also, if you have any questions regarding lip injections or Juvederm, comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you! =)

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