WunderBrow First Impressions

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I often get asked if my eyebrows are tattooed on, which they aren’t.. I actually draw them on everyday. (Yes.. ev-er-y-day!) The truth is, back in the day I went a lil “pluck crazy” and ended up with next-to-no brows!

Of course, years ago eyebrows were not as talked about as they are now, in the makeup world. Now a days there are brow pencils, stencils, gels, tattoos, microblading, etc. to achieve the desired look you want.

I started seeing these “sponsored ads” on Facebook for a product called “Wunderbrow“.

 The little video clips all show girls apply the product, have amazing looking brows, then rub their brows and show no smudge. I’ll admit, I was intrigued! I have tried numerous different pencils and gels to do my brows (I currently use the Annabelle eyebrow pencil in Medium-Brown), but I never found one that looked natural, applied easily and did not smudge.

My prayers have been answered! I purchased Wunderbrow off their site and received it yesterday. I bought it in the shade “Brunette” and I applied it last night, because I wanted to test how it lasted after sleeping with it on. 

I have included some pictures I took after my first application and after building it up a bit. (because I have very little eyebrow hair, it took a bit of time to really build up the product since there wasn’t a lot of hair for it to grasp to)

This picture below is the final outcome after application last night.  First impression: I liked how natural my brows looked.


These pictures below are from when I got up this morning and was applying my makeup. 

*While applying my makeup, I DID NOT re apply any product to my brows at all!*


I was sooooo impressed with the fact that my eyebrows did not smudge AT ALL and the product didn’t need to be re applied or touched up.

This picture was taken at 3:30pm today and the brows are still in tact!

The one thing I didn’t like about the product was the applicator. 

It has like a nail polish brush and it carries a lot of product on it. I attempted to use it at first, but it made it way too hard to disperse the product evenly and shape the brow. I ended up putting some onto the back of my hand and using an angled brush to apply it.

Overall, I really enjoy this product and am impressed. It definitely lives up to what it states as being “smudge proof”.

 It also states it is waterproof, but I will test that out tonight, when I shower and give you guys an update. I was a bit nervous it was gonna be a BUST, since I did see the product from Facebook, but I’m happy it turned out. =)

Have any of you tried Wunderbrow? Comment below and let me know what you thought of the product.

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