Starting a YouTube Channel? .. !!!

Hi Dolls!


Like a million other females out there, I have watched countless YouTube videos on makeup tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, etc. I have always secretly wanted to start a YouTube channel, to co-exist with my blog.. but there was always one main thing stopping me. ….. I hate the sound of my voice on camera!!

I’m not sure if this is something everyone hates, but it is the underlying fear I have, stopping me from ever starting a YouTube channel.

Over the past few years, I have worked a lot on being more positive, living life to the fullest, being happier, healthier and mainly working on self-love. So now the day has come, where I am going to fight back against my fear and start my YouTube channel!!

I have done a lot of research into what you need to really start your channel. A good camera is a big one! lol Luckily, my man bought a professional camera a few years ago, so  I have the Canon EOS 60D to use. =)

Lighting is another big component! Of course, I don’t have a big bag of money to spend on a bunch of fancy lights.. so I did some digging around to find some less expensive options, for beginners. I heard a lot of good things about the Polaroid Macro ring light, that you can attach right to your camera lens. A few YouTubers said they ordered it from Amazon.. so I checked it out and found one for $44! It is going to be delivered today, so I am super excited to play around with that over the weekend!

Since I already have been writing this blog, I know all about staying consistent, engaging with your audience/followers and being true to yourself. Which are all major keys for your YouTube channel!

I am super excited to get the next part of this journey started.. and I can’t wait to let you guys know when it’s up and running!


As Always, Thank-you for Following .Xo




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