Hello February


Bye Bye January!! Hello February!!

Today, I heard on the radio there are only 47 more days until Spring!! This really excites me, because I am totally over this weather we have been having! Since February is a short month, I’m thinking positively that the nice weather will be here before we know it!

February is recognized for mainly two things: being Black History Month and celebrating Valentines Day. I hope with it being the month of “Love”, people will open their hearts to each other and continue to stand together to overcome all of the hatred that is happening all over the world, and particularly in the States right now. I don’t like posting too much heavy stuff on my blog, so I won’t really go into my opinions and such regarding all of that.

On a lighter note, I will be doing some Valentine’s Day Outfit and Makeup Look Posts soon, so stay tuned for that! =)


Thanks again for following! .Xo