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I am sure you have seen and heard of the LUMEE phone case that Kim Kardashian uses and endorses. In case you haven’t, you can check out Kim’s blurb about the case here.

I had been wishing and wanting to buy this for a while.. Who wouldn’t want to achieve the “perfect selfie”?! Lol..  but in all honesty the price point is what stopped me. They retail for roughly $100 or more after you ship it to Canada. Luckily, I won a giveaway online, and became the lucky owner of a LUMEE case !! =)

I was going to write this post a little while ago, but wanted to wait and see how the case held up for a few months first! lol

The colour I got is called “Rose Gold” which is classy and super feminine. I really like the way the case looks and the hint of shimmer it has too.


When I put the case on my phone (which was really easy to snap on), the first thing I noticed was how much bigger and bulkier my phone felt. At first, I didn’t like it. Especially since the Iphone 6 is so nice and sleek, when you put the case on, it is noticeably bigger. I thought this would turn me off from using the case every day, but I have had it on now for about three-four months and quickly got used to it. I actually don’t mind it, the phone feels more durable and secure now.

I absolutely LOVE the lighting this case gives me! I have used it in clubs, restaurants and even just around my house for better lighting. The fact you can dim the intensity of the lighting,  is awesome too.


Using LUMEE around the house


using LUMEE in a club


Using LUMEE in a restaurant

It comes with a charging cord, that you can plug into your laptop or into a cube and into the wall. Like I stated above, I have had this case now for almost 4 months and I have only charged it once, because I noticed the light wasn’t getting as bright at full intensity. Once I charged for about half an hour, I noticed the light was super bright again.

Overall, I am happy and impressed with this case. The only downfall is the price point, but you get what you pay for lol.. and I guess depending on your preference, the weight/size it adds to your phone.

Do any of your have the Lumee Case? I have recently seen the new version that is out, Lumee Duo, let me know if you have that one and what  you think of it!

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