Dressing Room Chronicles

Hi Luvs!

I am still off from work for the holidays until January 3rd, so today I enjoyed a trip to the mall, toddler-free! lol Yesterday was my man’s 30th Birthday, so tomorrow night I am taking him out to Cactus Club Cafe (where we went for my Birthday this year!) to celebrate with some family and friends.

I went to a store called Sirens to check out some dresses, since they were having a sale on all dresses of 20% off. I have realized as I have gotten older, that its not worth spending hundreds of dollars on a dress I am only gonna wear once or twice, especially when I can find such a similar one for a fraction of the cost! (Example : my Company Christmas party dress!) It’s about how you style the dress; you can make a $20 dress look like a hundred bucks!

I tried on these three dresses and got all of them for a total of $60.06!! Now to decide which one to wear tomorrow night!!

The first one is olive green and has a low cut bodice, a small slit in the center of the front and cut out detailing in the back.

The second dress is more feminine with the lace detailing and I love the colour!

The last dress is a soft grey with a loose top and goes down past the knees.

I was heading to the gym after the mall, so I definitely have to try them all on with some heels and makeup/hair done but which one do you like best? Comment below and let me know ❤

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