New Christmas Tradition : Christmas Eve Box

Hi Dolls!

This year, I have decided to start a new Christmas tradition in our house hold for Amare:
A Christmas Eve Box

   I remember as kids, we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas eve and it was always PJs! lol .. probably like a lot of other people’s childhood memories! I saw this idea for a Christmas eve gift box, on Pinterest, and I loved it!

This year, I included some cozy Christmas PJs (of course!) to wear that night, a Mickey Mouse (Amare’s #1 obsession) Christmas movie that we can watch with him Christmas eve, a Paw Patrol (his second fav show!) “Night Before Christmas” book that we can read to him before bed, and a Mickey Mouse Santa ornament that he can place on the tree that night.

Every year, I plan on having each item theme around his favourite show, or interest so it’s memorable and something he looks forward to as a Christmas eve tradition in our family.

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box ? What other Christmas traditions do you and your family do? Comment below ! =)

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