My Holiday Wish List

Hi Dolls!

   I hope my Holiday Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffers Guide gave you some great ideas for gifts for your loved ones! I can happily say everyone on my list is done .. except my man! lol


   This year we swapped “wish lists” to help give each other some ideas. A wish list is a good idea to put together with items ranging in price so the person getting you a gift has some ideas and different options to choose from.

   Here’s what’s on my Wish List this year:

1) Laptop : My Grandpa bought me an Acer AspireOne Notebook when I started college (back in 2009) and I have been so impressed with the fact it has still held up over the years! The only thing I have ever had to have done to it is replace the charging cord! 6 years later, I have noticed it’s not as fast as it was and I can tell it’s life is coming to an end. lol  Also, it’s not the best size now for what I am using it for. When I originally got it, it was perfect for taking to class due to its size, but now that I am only using it at home and mainly for blogging, the screen size is a bit strenuous.



2) Thigh High Boots : OTK Boots are a huge Fall Fashion staple and I have really been wanting to purchase some thigh high ones. I have a few pairs that go to my knee and I even have one pair that go to my thigh, but they have a “scrunchy” look to them instead of tight to the leg.


3) Curling Wand : If you have been following me on here or on my Instagram, then you have probably noticed I ALWAYS straighten my hair!! The only time I ever have my hair nicely curled/blown out is when I leave my stylist! I have tried a curling iron before but I never achieve the look I want, so I really wanna try a curling wand.


4) Sephora Gift Card : I like to do a little Beauty haul in January. Something about starting the new year with fresh makeup makes me feel like I am ready for anything that year is going to throw at me! lol


5) Mall Gift Card : Along the same lines at the Sephora gift card, I also love starting the new year with a new wardrobe! lol


6) Bluetooth wireless speaker : I love listening to music, whether I am getting ready or cleaning the house, but you can hardly hear the music from your phone over your blow dryer or vacuum! lol


What’s on your Wish List? Comment below and let me know.

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