Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Hey lovelies!

   I can only imagine the chaos throughout the malls today, with people shopping Black Friday deals. I made a vow to myself that this year I would start my Christmas shopping early, to avoid the mad rush in December. I can happily say, I have about 35% of my Christmas gifts bought!

This post is my version of a “gift guide” which I hope can help you with ideas for those special people your buying gifts for. =)

   For the Special Man in your Life ❤

My man and I get each other one main gift for Christmas then a few more “little” things for each others stockings. Stay tuned for my “Stocking Stuffing Guide” for stocking ideas.

1) A Gaming System : Whether its PlayStation or Xbox a gaming system is a great gift for your man who not only loves gaming, but surfing the net, watching movies, etc.


2) Gym/Travel Bag : Whether you have a man who loves the gym or is on the road a lot, a gym/travel bag is a gift they will never think to buy themselves. I bought my man a Herschel bag last year for Christmas and he uses it every time he’s travelling for work.


3) FitBit : This is a great gift to help your man track his fitness, whether it’s his steps, his calorie intake or even his sleep patterns. Plus, if you both have one then  you can have “friendly” competitions with each other! 😉


4) Sports Jersey : Every sports fan would love a jersey of his favourite team/player.


5) Sports Tickets : Pair this gift with the Sports Jersey and you will make any sports fan happy this Christmas!


6) Tools : Every handyman could use a new tool/set.


   For the Special Woman in your Life ❤

Us women are such indecisive creatures lol .. so I hope these ideas help you find something for your special lady! Stay tuned for my “Stocking Stuffing Guide” for some ideas to fill her stocking too.

1) FitBit : If the woman in your life is into fitness, the FitBit is the perfect gift! I have one myself and I love being able to track my steps, sleep, calorie intake, etc. It definitely helps you stay on track, and they come in so many cute colours!


2) Spa Package : What woman wouldn’t love to be pampered!?


3) Curling Wand/Straightener : These are some of women’s most important tools! lol


4) Gym/Travel Bag : A woman still wants to be stylish even when going to the gym/travelling!


5) A Cleaning Service : I have never met a woman who actually loves cleaning. Living in a clean house, yes .. but not the actual work of cleaning.


6) Lingerie : Make your woman feel sexy… and it doubles as a present for you 😉


   For the kids in your Life ❤

Seeing as I have a 2 year old and no older kids, these gift ideas are geared more towards the toddler age range.

1) Play Kitchen/Work Bench : This is the prime age for “pretend” play. My nephew has a play kitchen and when we go over to visit, him and Amare have so much fun “cooking” and bringing us the food they “made”.


2) Educational Tablet : My son, like most other toddlers/kids these days has developed an obsession with my tablet and watching his favourite show (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) on YouTube. I have actually decided to buy him an InnoTab Max for Christmas this year, along with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse program, so that he can have his own tablet and at least then when he is using the program it teaches him things! Not just fun, but educational; this mom is sold!


3) Hide-A-Ways : The modern day kid’s “fort”. These are fun additions to a play room or bedroom, where your young child can “hide-a-way” in their own little space and read, play, relax, “hide” from mommy, etc. There are so many different theme versions available, that I am sure you can find one with your child’s favourite character on it!


4) Creativity Toys : These toys really let your little one explore their creative side, whether it’s a mini piano or an interactive easel. It’s a great idea to let them explore their creativity!



   For your Best Friend ❤

These are the perfect gift ideas for your right hand woman!

1) Perfume/Makeup Gift Set : Sephora carries a lot of fragrance/makeup gift sets, that range from $15-$550, so you are sure to find a gift set within your budget! The Body Shop also has some great gift sets with yummy smelling body lotions, scrubs, etc.




2) Polaroid Camera : This super cute Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid is a perfect gift for your bestie and it comes in a bunch of great colours! Enjoy taking mini polaroid selfies at your next girls night!


3) Ipsy Subscription Box : This is the gift that keeps giving all year long! Purchase an Ipsy subscription for the year for $110 (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada/bag) For the year it comes to $164.45 and your Bestie will receive a bag every month filled with mini make up goodies.


I hope this post helped you with some gift ideas for your loved ones! If you have any of your own gift guides or suggestions leave me a comment below, I would love to read them!! ❤

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