Happy Halloween


   Halloween is one of my favourite Holidays!! (I know its technically not a holiday, but it is to me!) Growing up, I always loved scary movies and all things Halloween. Now that I’m older I think I enjoy it even more! Last year was our first year in a house, instead of a condo, so I went all-out with decorating. You can take a peek at my post from last Halloween here.

   This year my sister-in-law, Courtney hosted a Halloween party, the Saturday night before Halloween. It was such a good time with yummy food, drinks, awesome decorations and a pumpkin carving contest ! The kids dressed up too then when they went to bed the ladies got to relax and party! 😉

I have never done a scary costume, well since I was a kid, so this year I put together a skeleton costume and Amare was a Dinosaur. I got both of our costumes from Party City.

   I did a Mickey Mouse pumpkin and I ended up tying with my sister in law, Yinka for Winners of the carving contest.

   On Halloween night, Amare dressed up again in his costume and we handed out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, then my man and I sipped some wine and  watched Hocus Pocus.

I am looking forward to Halloween next year, when I think Amare will be excited to go Trick or Treating! 🙂

   How did you spend Halloween? What was your costume?

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