Hey Dolls!

I love the idea of matching outfits, especially for special events! (call me corny all you want! lol) I made my man, Amare and I customized T shirts with the Mickey Mouse theme, for Amare’s birthday party last Saturday.

I bought the iron-on decals from Fantasyprintables on Etsy. The decals were personalized and sent to my email within minutes of purchasing them. All the steps, details and examples of how to apply them to the shirts were included in the email as well. I will definitely be using decals from Fantasyprintables for my party planning in the future!

I bought the transfer paper from Walmart for about $10 which was a pack of 5 papers, the brand was Avery. The T-shirts were from H&M’s basic line (great quality and each shirt was $6)

I did a front and back decal for Amare’s shirt. Of course, since we are such a football family, I loved the Mickey Football decal with Amare’s name for the front of the shirt, and the Birthday Boy decal for the back.

I had the “Mom of the Birthday Boy” decal for mine, and my man had the “Papa of the Birthday Boy” decal for his.

Are you into matching outfits with your lil family? Comment below and let me know! 🙂

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