Hey dolls!

In my post “Amare’s 2nd Birthday!” I mentioned some of the DIY crafts I made for his “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” themed party. This post will show you how to make these cute Mickey Mouse centerpieces.


  • hot glue gun
  • 3 Styrofoam balls (bigger one for the head and two small ones for the ears) – Dollarstore or Walmart
  • black spray paint – Walmart
  • black acrylic paint – Dollarstore
  • long wooden stick – Dollarstore
  • red pipe cleaner – Dollarstore
  • red, yellow and black tissue paper – Dollarstore
  • green foam block – Dollarstore or Walmart
  • vase/basket (something to hold the centerpiece) – Dollarstore


  1. First, I attached the large Styrofoam ball to the long wooden stick and spray painted it. It’s okay if the tip where you are holding it doesn’t get covered with paint, since you won’t see it when it is in the foam block. 
  2. When that is drying, I fit the foam blocks to the vases and glued them to the bottom. Remember to leave some room around the edges of the foam block to push the tissue down into.
  3. I then stuffed all around the foam block with the red, black and yellow tissue paper and added the stick. 
  4. I painted the small Styrofoam balls using the acrylic paint, since it was a smaller area to cover. Then I used  toothpicks to mark where I wanted to put each one and glued them on.
  5. Once that was all dry, I glued the pipe cleaner to the top of the wooden stick and wrapped it around and glued the bottom of the pipe cleaner. (You don’t need to glue the entire pipe cleaner)
  6. Once everything had settled and dried, I used the acrylic pain to touch up any missed areas on the styrofoam balls.

If you re-create these, comment below with a pic or @ me on Instagram (@ms.fashionandmoore) I would love to see them!! 🙂 

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