Family Fun Day : Trip to Centreville

Hey !!

As a kid, I remember my family would all go to Centreville in the summer. We loved taking the ferry ride over to the island, going on the rides, having a picnic lunch, then taking the ferry back.

i took this photo on the ferry ride over to the island 🚒🏝

I haven’t been to Centreville, since I was a kid so I was super excited to take Amare on Sunday! πŸ™‚

It was such a nice ferry trip over, and Amare loved pointing out all the boats passing by. We went on a few rides, and Amare went on his first pony ride. lol He was nervous at first, but really liked it.

on the swan rides 🌊

beautiful day for a swan ride β˜€οΈ


Amare’s first pony ride 🐴🐎

It was so nice sharing this memory and experience with my man and my son πŸ’™Have you ever been over to Centreville?? Its a great place to take your kids, full of rides, games, a petting zoo and pony rides! you can check it out here.

my family ❀️


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