Weekend Buy : Nike Roshe

Hi Dolls!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a total heels girl! I will find any excuse possible to wear heels, and in all honestly I hardly even own any flat shoes. lol

Last summer I bought my first pair of Nike AirMax and absolutely love them, which opened me up to sneakers but I still always found myself buying heels instead. This past weekend we were taking Amare to Chuck E Cheese and I figured it was not the right place for heels, and I had no flat shoes that really tied my outfit together. (since we all wore matching outfits) I have been wanting to get the Nike Roshe’s and I decided it was finally time lol I bought the all black pair, and OMG they are so comfortable!! I will definitely be buying a few more pairs, along with some other sneakers I saw that are super cute.


Saturday, we all wore army fatigue. We went to Chuck E Cheese and then had a BBQ with my man’s family to celebrate my Mother-in-Law’s birthday.


In case you did notice, yes I changed my top in between going to Chuck E Cheese and the BBQ lol .. I wasn’t sure which one suited the outfit more ….and my army pants are from Fashion Nova, you can pick them up here.

Sunday, I had to run errands and spent some time with my family.. which I saw as the perfect day to wear these super comfy Nike Roshe’s again! πŸ™‚


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Comment below and let me know if have the Roshe’s too!!

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