Caribana Weekend 

Hi Dolls!

As most of you probably know, this past weekend was not only a long weekend, but it was also the Caribana Festival downtown Toronto.

I remember going to my first Caribana parade when I was 19 years old, and I had such a fun time! This year, I did not go to the parade but I still took some time off of “mommy mode” to go and enjoy a night out.




Saturday night we went out to Maison Mercer downtown, where Lebron James was hosting. It was nice to get out for the night, but after getting home around 5am and the feeling I had when I woke up, I was reminded why I am happy I don’t go out clubbing as often anymore! lol




I wore a black body suit from Urban Planet, black and white shorts from Forever21 and white heels from Lola Shoetique. I wish I had taken some more pictures, but here’s what I got. 🙂


I was deciding which shoes to wear, hence the different heels in the pics lol





Sunday, my man and I decided to go watch a movie and do something just the two of us, before we went to my mums to pick up Amare. We went and saw “Lights Out”, and surprisingly it was good. I love scary movies, but lately I haven’t really found any that could make me jump.. but this one definitely did! Click here to watch the trailer!!

Since Monday was a holiday, we decided to have a relaxing family day. We went to my in laws and took Amare swimming in their pool. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! Thx for following .xo