Lean In : Women Empowering Women

Hey dolls!

I am not sure if you have seen the commercials for, or heard of the campaign #LEANINTOGETHER. It stems from the book, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. If you wanna check it out you can buy the book here. The book is filled with advice for women on how to believe in themselves, pursue any goal and take a seat at any table. In our world today woman tear each other down much more than we build each other up. When we already have to deal with being the “second choice” compared to men in a lot of business situations and have men “slut shaming” us, we need to stick together as strong, powerful women.



I am a firm believer in empowering woman and I do my best to always let the women around me know how awesome they are. Even the simplest compliment can totally make a woman’s day. For example, last week I was getting ready for work after my workout, in the gym change room, and this super-fit woman, that I see all the time came in and told me my hard work has really been paying off and I look good. Then this Thursday, another woman came up to me after my workout when I was about to leave the change room and told me I looked really nice! 🙂 This morning, a woman asked me for a hair elastic and when I gave her one she complimented my heels and told me she has seen me around and totally loves my style. All of these comments literally made my morning each time, and were so sweet and genuine. It’s these little things that help us to build up each others confidence and empower one another.

The company I work for, Allergan has teamed up with LeMotto for the #ActuallySheCan campaign. It is an inspirational female empowerment campaign, celebrating young women and their ambitions. This movement encourages self-acceptance and eliminating negativity, to make your dreams a reality. They have designed these super cute tanks, featuring motivational Less/More mottos to live by. A majority of the proceeds from the sale of the tanks are donated to AcademyWomen, a non-profit organization for military women. You can purchase a tank here.

lerssmore 2.PNG


I have the “Less Regret, More Sweat” tank.

Like most women, I have battled with demons and been self conscience the majority of my life, and it wasn’t until I became a mom that I truly felt genuine self-love. Over the past year and half I have grown so much as a woman and have developed so much more confidence and self-worth, that I hope I can transfer to all of you!

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