My Childhood Nostalgia: Barbie & Mickey Mouse

Hey dolls!

   I have started researching and planning Amare’s second birthday (it’s in October, but I wanna be extra prepared lol) We are doing a “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” theme. That is the only show Amare will actually sit through from beginning to end! lol He loves Mickey. 🙂
   It’s funny too, because my mom loves Mickey. When I was a newborn, my room was Mickey Mouse themed, she even has a Mickey Mouse tattoo on her ankle! This makes me even more excited that I can share this love for Mickey with my mom and son as I plan this party.
   But it got me thinking about my childhood, my favourite shows and toys from when I was a kid.
   I always knew I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry, and be a business woman from when I was a small girl. I loved Barbie dolls for this reason! Barbie could do any job and be anything she wanted to be, all while looking fabulous! I had hundreds and hundreds of Barbie’s and even more clothing to rotate through! lol
   My sister and I were often given collectible Barbie’s at holidays, and we were always told not to open them.. but it never failed; my sister and I would always break into them and play with the dolls. Now that I am older, I wish I had kept them in their special boxes and preserved them the way they were meant to be! 😉
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This post was inspired by Invaluable