Libra Life : All About Balance 

Hey dolls!

I am not sure if you guys follow your horoscopes and stuff like that, but I find it interesting how accurate the characteristics of my sign are. I don’t check my horoscope everyday, but there are some general traits of the Libra sign that are very true to my personality.

A main characteristic of the Libra sign is that we crave balance, and hate confrontation. We generally are indecisive and get stressed, because of our need to please everyone.

I find myself having to deal with this. My whole life, I have always put other people first, and haven’t always taken care of myself first. This year, I really started to change that. I began going to the gym and focusing a lot on my self happiness and health. Of course, my son is my first priority but if I do not take care of myself and have strong self-love, then how can I be the best Mom possible to Amare?

When Amare started daycare in January, I wasn’t working, so my days revolved around working out and eating/cooking healthy. About a month ago, I began my new job, which I was so thrilled about since I had been getting really stressed about not having money coming in. The first week, I focused solely on getting into the routine of working a 9-5 job, but then I was noticing how hard it was going to be to balance working out, cooking healthy, working full time, and being an awesome mom. I went from working out in the morning, to working out late in the evening, if I even made it to the gym at all!

This past week,  I got some great news that has answered my question as to how I am going to be able to balance everything I want to take care of in my life…the company I work for just established a corporate account with Goodlife !! Now I have transferred my membership to the corporate account, so I can work out at any gym in the country.

   Luckily for me there is a gym right across the street from my office, so now I have been dropping Amare off, going there and getting a workout in before work, Monday-Friday! 🙂

   If it’s important to you, you will find a way to make time for it! Yes I could sleep in a little later but then I would feel bummy and lazy the rest of the day ! 

   What’s your sign? Comment below and let me know and what are some of your tips for keeping balance in life? 

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