My Love/Hate relationship with Winners

Hey Babes!!

I had to go buy some new jeans to wear to work for “casual friday”, this week . I am always, jokingly, asked why I don’t wear jeans on Fridays, and I have to explain all my jeans are distressed style, so not work appropriate lol (which I never even realized were my only style of jeans, until this was asked of me at work !) Anyways… so I took a shot and went to Winners to look for a pair.

Now let me begin by saying if you have never been to Winners (or Marshalls in the States), you definitely have to take a look! Over the years I have developed a love/hate relationship with this store, let me explain why …

Now I “dislike” the following things about Winners:

  • due to it being an “off price” department store, they do not have full stock of every item. I have unfortunately found pieces here and there that I love, but they do not have my size.. so I have to part with it 😦
  • you really need to have time to shop. They have a lot of selection, and things are not always in the right size place or organized on the racks, so you really need to have some time to go through all the sections and you are bound to find some gems.
  • every Winners is different. Depending on the city, and the area each Winners can have entirely different designers, brands, etc.

With that being said, I LOVE it because you can find some really fab designer pieces for a fraction of the cost, they have a wide variety of styles and great price points. Even with the three dislikes I mentioned above, I would say 85% of the time I leave there finding pieces I am in love with.

For example, Thursday evening I found these amazing Calvin Klein jeans, that are regularly $140, which I got for $40! This crochet cover up from BCBG was regularly about $35 and I got it for $13!

 Another one of my #WinnersFabFinds recently, was this light denim button up from ROXY. It was regularly about $45, and I got it for $20!

Do any of you shop at Winners/Marshalls? Comment below and let me know if you love/hate it and what are your best #FabFinds!



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