Week 1 Outfit Recap

hey dolls!

Today, I completed my first week at my new job. Good news .. I love it and cant wait to go back next week! lol

Like I mentioned in a recent post, I have never worked in the Pharmaceutical industry before but it is so interesting. I have learnt so much, and this company seems like a great company to work for, so its safe to say I am super excited about this opportunity.

I have posted a couple of my work outfits from this past week, but I thought it would be fun to  do an outfit recap every week 🙂

Monday – My first day I wore a black high waisted skirt from H&M, belt from Aldo Accessories, patterned crop top from Forever21, and heels from Aldo. The blazer is from BEBE.

Tuesday – I wore a white tank from H&M, with a sheer off-white blouse from Guess. My blazer and pants were from Guess as well. The heels were the same ones I wore on Monday, from Aldo.

Wednesday – My grey top is from Forever21, dark grey skirt is from H&M. Belt is from Aldo Accessories, grey heels are from Aldo, and I cant remember where the cardigan is from.

Thursday – I love these striped pants from Forever21! The black button up is from Guess and heels are from Aldo.

Friday – My version of “Casual Friday” lol ! Blazer, body suit and heels are all from Forver21. The olive jeans are from H&M.

I cant wait to share more work OOTDs with you! Which one, from this week is your favourite ? Comment below & let me know !

Thx for following. Xox


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