My Commitment to Staying Fit!

Hey Luvs!

I recently posted about how obsessed I am with my FitBit; I have had it for almost a month now and I still absolutely love it!

The past two weeks I suffered from a lower back injury and the stomach flu, so my activity and progress were not where I wanted them to be.. but that’s okay! Someone once told me, “Don’t have a bad day, have a bad five minutes.” What they meant by that was, don’t let an obstacle, one cheat meal, or a negative moment effect your whole outlook, attitude and day. Just bounce back, even stronger!

With that being said, this week I gave myself a personal goal to reach a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and to gather up some new recipes and at-home workouts to try out. I love cooking so I am excited to try out some new dishes and share them with you all.

I’ll be doing a post this weekend to update you guys on this weeks progress πŸ™‚



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