Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

Hey loves,

November 6th my man and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!! Its crazy to think about the beginning of our relationship and how far we have come over the years…it definitely feels like we have been together for longer than 5 years (in a good way! lol).

We took Amare with us to The Keg for dinner, which is one of our favourite spots to eat. It was a really yummy dinner, as it always is.   

sooo yummy!!
my mans dinner πŸ™‚
Then on Tuesday, November 10th we celebrated by going to the Raptors vs Knicks basketball game. Unfortunately, the Raptors lost but it was a close and exciting game. The last game we went to was probably two or three years ago, when we went to the Raptors vs Lakers game for Valentines day. It was such a fun night, and a nice break for the two of us to get out and do something together.  

 We have been through a lot of highs and some lows, but over the years we continue to get stronger and our love only grows for one another. I look forward to the years to come with our family. ❀


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