Happy Halloween!!!

Hey loves!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween!!! Since I was a kid, it has always been one of my favourite holidays. Usually my plans would include dressing up and going out to a club with some of my girls and my man, but last year that changed when I gave birth to our son October 22nd. I was home hanging out with my newborn watching scary movies last Halloween. This year was so exciting for me since now Amare is 1 so he had a costume to wear, and we live in a townhouse now, so we can actually decorate our house.

My sister and I went out to Dollarama and got a bunch of Halloween decorations (for super cheap!) and decorated the front of our house. Here’s some pics of our set up outside 🙂  

my little helper 🙂


 This year we decided to do a family costume… so we dressed up as Betty, Barney & Bam Bam Rubble from The Flintstones!

our little Bam Bam

Betty & Bam Bam

We dressed up, handed out candy, and watched some scary movies… and to be honest it was my best Halloween yet!

What did you do for Halloween and what was your costume??