I cant believe how fast this year has gone by! Amare turned 1 on October 22nd, and we had his bday party on October 24th. People always told me, when he was a newborn, to savour every moment because time flies… and that is so true! In the blink of an eye my little newborn baby is now saying “Mum” & “Dadda”, eating solid foods, starting to walk, and so much more. His personality comes out more and more each day, and he never fails to put a smile on my face and make me laugh.

The day my little prince was born was the best day of my life!

I did monthly photos of him, laying beside a bear so I could see how much he grew. These are his 1st month and 12 month pics:

1 Month Old – Nov22nd, 2014

12 Months Old – Oct22nd, 2015

We got him a little cake on his b-day, and surprisingly he did not like it one bit! He absolutely loves chicken, salmon, broccoli, potatoes, rice and fruits.. but when it comes to cake or icing he’s not a fan! (which I am okay with lol) 

opening his presents from Mommy & Daddy


playing with one of his bday presents with daddy

For his birthday party we rented an indoor playground called Rainbow World. We did not have many kids coming, but we wanted the kids to have something to do.

Our theme was “#1 Draft Pick/Football”, so I made a few themed decorations for the party room. I made two month-by-month banners with different shades of green construction paper. 

 I made a goal post center piece.  To make this I used:

  • 5 plastic rulers
  • 1 metal pen holder
  • yellow streamers
  • moss
  • 1 foam block
  • white glue
  • tape
  • brown and white construction paper
  • 1 football stencil
  1. wrap the yellow streamer around each ruler. You will want to do a few layers, so that you can not see through the streamer. Wrap two rulers together for the base post, to keep it sturdy.    
  2. once the rulers are done, glue the piece of moss around the outside of the pen holder.   
  3. stick the two rulers wrapped together into the foam block. Place the foam block into the pen holder. 
  4. cover the top of the pen holder and foam block with moss.   
  5. tape the other rulers to the base post to create the goal post.       
  6. cut out football shape on brown construction paper and cut out the details in white construction paper  
  7. glue the football to the center of the goal post      

These cutlery holders are super easy to make. I used:

  • 3 metal pen holders
  • brown and white construction paper
  • tape
  • glue stick
  1. cut out pieces of brown construction paper to go around the pen holders. tape them.
  2. cut out small pieces of white construction paper to glue on, to look like lace of a football.      

I printed out free printables, I found online, for the “Football” pennant banner, and the helmet cut out. I bought the football platters, table clothes, and cups from Party City.

I ordered an Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, and his smash cake was made by one of my girlfriend’s friends.  


 My man, Amare and I all wore customized shirts I had made. My man’s said “Like Father Like Son” on the front & “DAD” with a 1 on the back. Amare’s said “#1 Draft Pick” on the front & “AMARE” with a 1 on the back. Mine said “Football Mom” on the front & “MAMMA” with a 1 on the back.


Overall, his birthday party was a success; the kids had lots of fun and it was nice to celebrate Amare’s first birthday with friends and family. I still can’t believe I have a one year old!!