25 Years Young!

This past Friday, October 16th I turned 25! This year has been crazy, but such an amazing one. The biggest thing that has happened this year was that I became a mom just after my 24th bday, which has made me such a stronger, happier, and more confident woman.

last year at my 24th birthday dinner

I had such an amazing birthday!! My man and my sister planned surprise after surprise for me. I was under the impression that my man, sister, Amare and I were just going to dinner and then coming home. I was given my gifts before, and my man got me a new Pandora charm, a Victoria Secret gift card, and my bday dress from Marciano. My sister got me my heels that I wore with my bday dress.

my birth stone
Dress from Marciano • Heels from Aldo

Later that evening, we went to Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. When I walked to our table, I was surprised to see 3 of my close girlfriends waiting for us! That was surprise #1. I was so shocked! We had an awesome dinner, then I thought we were going home.   



My Sister ❤
love these girls !

Surprise #2 – we actually drove to my moms house to drop off Amare because she was going to have him overnight. (I was told she couldn’t watch him overnight.. so she was in on it too!) Once we dropped him off, we left and I was still kept in the dark about where we were going. Surprise #3 – we went to Niagara Falls for the night! We went to Club Seven, and spent the night there. 

I was totally blown away by the whole thing, and it meant so much that the two of them went out of their way to put together such a memorable and fun birthday!

To the next 25!!


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