Working Mom

Hey babes !!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been very busy lately!!

 I have been thinking about what kinda work I’m gonna do when Amare goes to daycare, what business ventures I may want to do, and how I can make some extra money. 

I have always wanted to own a business, and I really love event planning. Sooooo I’ve been researching and planning on opening my own event planning company !! It’s so exciting to begin the process of creating something, I’ve always wanted! I’ll definitely be updating you with progress in this process. 

Of course I know it takes time, patience and hard work to create a business.. At least a successful one! Lol so for the mean time we were tryin to brainstorm what part-time job I could do now to make some extra cash. I ended up getting a waitressing/shooter girl job at a club, near our area.

I had my training shift last Monday and have worked a few shifts since then. That has been the main reason I haven’t been posting. It’s definitely been a huge change, working again and being away from Amare. The good thing is my shifts start late, so he’s mainly sleeping when I’m at work. 

It feels good to be working again and making some more money, but I’m still trying to find the right balance between being a new mom and a working mom. 

We will see how it goes ! Keep you updated. What are your thoughts about going back to work early, even part time? 





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