Sun Shining • Hair Done • Feelin Pretty 

hey Luvs!

Yesterday, I went to Twin Image Hairdressing to see my fav hairstylist, Katrina! They are located at 3104 Danforth Avenue, Toronto. 

Ladies, you know how important our hair is & how hard it is to find a hairstylist you can really trust! Well I trust Kat with my hair’s life!! Lol I never have to be worried about how I’m gonna look when I leave, she just does her thing and gives me some sexd up hair !!! Lol & on top of that she’s so sweet, funny and we never run out of things to talk about !!

This time we continued with the lighter look, which I like for summer, and we added a few baby highlights! * I’m warning you now, I took a lot of selfies! Lol but ladies you kno we all do when we leave the salon ! 😉

    Let me know what you think & You can check out their website here!