Product Review: Rimmel London Lasting Finish

Hey luvs !! 

About two weeks ago I picked up a new foundation to try, since the one I usually use was sold out. (Post here

I am so happy my regular foundation was sold out, because I like this one way more!   

3 Reasons why I would recommend it:

  1. Good Coverage! Compared to my old foundation, this one has much better coverage and goes on so smooth. It is matte and does not feel heavy on my face. 
  2. Really Lasts! I guess it’s called 25Hr Lasting Finish for a reason!! I can apply this in the morning and don’t notice any fading or smudging throughout the day. (I also use a makeup setting spray which helps prevent smudging, but still! lol) 
  3. Great Colour! I bought it in 303-True Nude and I love the colour it has. It matches my skin much more naturally then my old foundation and also gives it a bit of a tint/glow. 

Overall I will continue to use and buy this foundation, until I pick up the Armani Luminous Foundation to try!! 

Hope you like this post ! Xo


One thought on “Product Review: Rimmel London Lasting Finish

  1. I’ve recommended this to loads of people. Think it gets overlooked as it’s cheap but well worth a try. Always have one in my make up bag x

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