Current Nighttime Essentials

hey dolls! 

In a recent post I showed you guys some goodies I got from The Body Shop, and I explained how I was really trying to amp up my beauty regimen and take better care of my skin, etc. 

These are my current nighttime essentials: my Makeup Eraser & my Body Shop Vitamen E Nourishing Night Cream.   

Let me tell you this Makeup Eraser cloth is amazing !! You literally just use warm water and it cleans all your makeup off.. And I mean ALL OFF!! Any one who wears makeup and doesn’t want to use harsh chemicals on their face, which are in most makeup removers, you NEED to buy this! It’s also reusable (you just throw it in the wash and it’s as good as new!) I bought mine almost a year ago online at their website, but you can now buy it at Sephora too! 

Onto the Body Shop Night Cream.. I have been using this cream every night for almost a week, and I already notice a difference in my skin! I love it!! My face feels nourished and so soft.. I’m very happy with that purchase ! 

Now here’s my dilemma… I need your help! I need to find a good facial cleanser that isn’t going to dry my face out or leave it feeling greasy/oily. Right now I just use some facial scrub/cleanser my man uses, so I’m thinking its not the best thing for my skin lol 

If you have any suggestions on a good cleanser to try, I would love to hear your thoughts!! Comment below !

 thanks!! Xo 


2 thoughts on “Current Nighttime Essentials

  1. I have combination skin and I swear by and live for the sebo line from yves rocher. I just happened to go in there desperate after years of trying things that didn’t work. The sell them in kits face wash, toner & moisturizer. It’s really cheap too $30 for all 3. Sebo is their mattifying line but they have all different types of products for different types of skin. And they use really good ingredients nothing harsh. Go in and talk with one of the girls they give samples too!


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