Hey Luvs !!

I have began a new venture!! I am officially a Younique Cosmetics Presenter!! 

I know a couple girls who are Younique presenters, but I never really had much interest in it because I was so busy before and was not as into makeup. Since having my son, I’m home with him so I have (a bit! lol) more free time, and I’ve developed a huge love for Make up and love trying new products and brands !!  

Now in case you have never heard of Younique cosmetics, they are most known for their 3D fibre mascara ! ( I can’t wait till mine comes and I can show you guys before and after posts!!) Also their makeup is all natural (no chemicals & fillers) so it’s good for your face 😊  

I am waiting for the arrival of my starter kit which is full of products, that I can’t wait to try!! I’ve decided I’m going to start a YouTube Channel so I can show you some tutorials of how to use the products and certain looks I do. If you have anything you wanna see on my channel please don’t hesitate to let me know !! As always, I will only post my honest opinions and experiences with any products I use.  

 I have also started my first virtual party & your invited !!! Please check it out here ! Wish me luck on this new adventure & thank you for all your support xoxoxo