Product Review: Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray: De-Slick

Hi luvs!

I mentioned in a recent post (here) that I took a trip to Sephora and picked up the Urban Decay De Slick Make Up Setting Spray with Oil Control.  

I’ve used this product quite a few times now and I absolutely LOVE it!! I’ll say right now this is the only make up setting spray I’ve used, so I can not compare it to any others, but I am in love with this product and highly recommend it!! This one that I picked up wasn’t even expensive! It only cost $15!!

You shake the bottle and spray it over your face (you don’t even need to spray a lot), and it not only makes your make up last all day, but also makes your skin feel super smooth. I felt my cheek after applying it and my face felt so smooth and didn’t even feel like I was wearing make up. I have used this during some hot days and I have not had any smudging of makeup or fading. 

I even fell asleep in the afternoon for a short nap, with all my makeup on, and when I woke up my makeup was still intact!! (This was when I was super impressed with this product!) 

They also have an “All Nighter” and “Chill” option. I haven’t used either of these ones, but I plan on buying the All Nighter one. Since I do not really have oily skin I think the All Nighter will be even better for me, than the De-Slick. 

Overall, I highly recommend it and this  product will definitely be a fixture in my makeup routine and collection!! 

Have you used this product ? What do you think? Or have you used a different makeup setting spray?


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