Bruce Jenner : The Interview 

Friday night I, along with millions of others, watched the Bruce Jenner special “The Interview” with Diane Sawyer. 

I’ll start by saying I do not always understand people’s choices, but I do not judge them. I learnt from watching this special that I did not really know what “transgender” really meant. 

I, like many others, linked transgender to sexual orientation. I learnt that’s not the case. Hearing Bruce speak about how he was living, hiding his real self, and thoughts about suicide really opened my eyes.   

I felt pain for Bruce when I was watching this interview. I can only imagine how hard it must have been living his whole life as someone else, having to hide the way he really felt and how he would truly be happy. 

As the interview came to an end, I felt some sadness, as if we really were saying goodbye to “Bruce Jenner”, like he was dying or something, but really he is starting his new life, being “her” true self. 
I think Bruce is incredibly brave, especially with all the negativity the media could throw at him. I hope his “coming out” helps all other transgender people by giving them a voice, and also helps people, like me, really understand what transgender is and the struggle they live with. 

 I look forward to seeing Bruce when he reimerges as, who he calls, “her”!

Did any of you watch the interview ?! What are your thoughts/opinions? 

If you didn’t watch it, I encourage you to. Even if you do not agree or understand, it is an eye opener and you might learn something ! (like I did!)  

kanye’s opinion, supporting Bruce’s decision to “come out” as transgender