The New Reusable Manicures !

Hi luvs!

I love fake nails and have religiously been going to the salon every two weeks to get them done … Up until about two weeks ago! 

Although I love having them done, (because I feel like I have boy hands if I don’t lol) I’m very busy with Amare and do not always have time to make it into the salon and sit there for about an hour to get them done; they end up growing out and not looking nice. About two weeks ago I was so fed up and I took them all off myself.

I have never been patient enough to paint my own nails and one hand always looks way better than the other! I stumbled across this product called NailHur on Instagram. I have seen quite a few bloggers and girls I follow on Insta wearing them, so I figured I would give it a try. 

NailHur are reusable manicures. They come in different shapes (square, stiletto and oval), and designs. I chose the square shape and “Cosmopolitian Chic” design.  

The package comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, a nail file, nail glue and application/care instructions   

I was happy with how they looked after I applied them (which only took a few minutes).    


I will definitely be trying out more of these! They only take a few minutes to apply and because they are re usable (you just soak your hands in warm water to remove), it is perfect for a new mom like me. I am at home most of the time so it doesn’t make sense to be spending the money I spend at the salon, when I can get these for a fraction of the price and wear them whenever I want. I’m thinking of even getting a stilleto set for nights that I go out and I want a different look. You can easily interchange designs and shapes without having to take the time or pay the money you would, at the salon!

Check out their website or Instagram