Product Review: Balea & Life Brand Face Masks

hey luvs !

About a week ago I picked up these Balea & Life Brand face masks from Shoppers Drug Mart. I’ve seen them so many times & decided that a new mom deserves a little at home “spa like” facial treatment every once in a while! They have a lot of different types, are all paraben free, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and the best part is they are 3 for $5! I picked up:

  1.  Balea Exfoliating Face Treatment with Cream & Honey
  2. Balea Reviving Face Mask with Red Wine extract & Vitamin C
  3. Life Brand Detoxifying Mud Face Mask with Charcoal & Ivy extract  

At home face masks are a great way to relax, unwind and make yourself feel pampered… a nice glass of wine while waiting doesn’t hurt either πŸ˜‰

  1. The Balea Exfoliating Face Treatment with Cream & Honey:  

    Exfoliates & Moisturizes Skin

      This face mask was my favourite of the three. It was a white liquid, that applied smooth over my face like a thick lotion. I applied it over my face and neck and had some product left over.

    Reppin my Blue Jays πŸ˜‰

    I felt the exfoliating beads working right away when I massaged the product into my face and there was a cooling sensation. I also liked the honey smell. This mask was very relaxing, and I also really liked the results. The package suggests leaving it on for 10-15 mins but I left it on for 20. Once I washed it off I felt super smooth skin! My pores were noticeably smaller, my face looked refreshed and clean. I had no negative results from this mask.                                        Would I Buy Again: YES!

  2. The Balea Reviving Face Mask with Red Wine extract & Vitamin C:   

    Reveals Younger Looking Skin

     This face mask was an orangey colour and very runny, which I did not expect. Once I applied it to my face it did not run off but was clear. I had more than enough product in the package to use on my face and neck.   Once it was on, I felt a nice cooling feeling, and the smell was a nice fruity aroma. I did not feel much “happening” during the 15 minute wait. This mask is said to “revive and reveal younger looking skin”. Once I rinsed my face and patted dry, all I saw was regularly clean skin. It felt clean and refreshed from the cooling feeling, but nothing to amazing (and I wouldn’t say my skin looked any younger πŸ˜‰)          Would I Buy Again: NO

  3. The Life Brand Detoxifying Mud Face Mask with Charcoal & Ivy extract:  

    Detoxifies & Cleanses Pores


This mask was the charcoal colour I imagined it would be, but surprisingly it did not have a strong or unpleasant scent, like I was expecting. It says to apply an even layer on your face and neck area; there was more than enough product to do this and have some left over. It went on smooth and blended well across my face and neck. I could feel the product working right away. It suggests waiting 10-15 mins but I waited about 20 minutes. My face was tight when I tried to move my face muscles, and the product had hardened.  After rinsing the product off with warm water, my skin felt super soft! My pores appeared smaller and my face felt thoroughly clean. I did notice a bit of redness on my forehead and cheeks area but no stingy sensations or anything like that.                        Would I Buy Again: YES