Goals & Priorities 

Funny how your priorities and goals can change so quickly when something drastic happens in your life. 

Before I found out I was pregnant, I was not planning on having kids for at least a couple years. We had plans to work work work, save up, buy a house, travel, etc. then have kids. To be honest we lived life with not a lot of responsibilities. Our bills were paid every month, we went out to clubs, bought designer items, went out for nice dinners, without really thinking twice. 

That all changed when we were surprised to find out I was pregnant ! The bigger surprise was that we found out I was pregnant at 21 and a half week (AKA just over 5 months!) Ya I know it’s crazy!

At that moment my entire life changed (for the better). I was excited, scared, terrified and all I could think of was the harm I had potentially been putting my baby through. Living as if I wasn’t pregnant means I was not eating as healthy as I should have been and I had been drinking alcohol. That day I began a healthier lifestyle; eating, exercise and a happier, positive outlook. I believe everything happens for a reason and I thank God every day that Amare was born happy and healthy !!! 

Becoming a mom has been the greatest blessing, and although I LOVE designer things and that lavish lifestyle, my priorities changed quick ! (Not saying you can’t indulge in a designer item or vacay when ur a mamma!) 

My priority now is the well being of my son, myself, and maintaining a happy loving relationship. My goals are to be an awesome mom, a good wife (one day) and have a successful career. 

It’s not wrong to want certain things or have different priorities, it does not make me materialistic, I believe in working hard to have nice things. It’s just at different times in your life, different things are on top of your priority list. I will still live a lavish lifestyle, full of love and happiness and be a stylish mamma just in my own way!


There are many successful, stylish celeb moms to look for for inspiration. Victoria Beckham is one of the ones I love! 


Not only is she a mom of 4 kids, the wife of (superhot) David Beckham, a successful fashion designer (who’s designs are regularly seen worn by stars and earn raves by the industry), but to top it all off she does it all looking super stylish and in sky high heels!!



Who are your favourite stylish celeb moms?