Homemade Baby Food !

Hey loves!

I was so excited to make my own homemade baby food today! I bought the Magic Bullet’s “Baby Bullet” earlier this week. This set comes with everything you need to make and store your homemade baby food. It comes with a larger jug to make bigger batches of food, a small cup to make smaller servings, an easy pop freezer batch tray, a blending blade, a milling blade (to make fresh cereals), 6 date-dial storage cups (so you know exactly when you made the food), a tip proof tray for storage cups, a spatula, a pocket nutritionist guide, and a user manual/cookbook!!

It is so simple and easy to make homemade baby food!!! Today I made some apples and carrots. All I did was cut up the apple (make sure its cored and peeled) and carrots into pieces then I put them in boiling water (separately) until soft. Then I combined each fruit (separately) and 1/4 cup of water into the small cup of the baby bullet and blended for about 15 seconds! 

i used only half an apple for three storage cups and a carrot and a half for three storage cups

I can’t wait to try new fruits and vegetables & then as he gets older the baby bullet cookbook has recipes for each stage of your growing baby! 

Do any of you make your own baby food? If so what are your little ones favourites ?!


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